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Our Story

Growing up, my friends and I spent most of our time outdoors. It was a mission for our parents to rally us for dinnertime. Whether it was sports, fishing, biking, or boarding, we’d sweat, lose track of time, and have a blast. One day, while I was cruising on my long board, a phrase popped into my head and it hit me: “Good it’s Healthy”. It felt right and sounded even better. From that day on, Good It’s Healthy was adopted into our lingo.

Good It's Healthy Fishing

Going Fishing? Good It's Healthy!

Good It's Healthy Hiking

Let's go on a Hike! Good It's Healthy!

Good It's Healthy Gym

Headed to the Gym? Good It's Healthy!

Good It's Healthy Snowboarding

Hittin' the Slopes? Good It's Healthy!

No matter the hobby, passion, goal, or interest, Good it’s Healthy compliments that fire from within. It’s a brand that reminds us who we are and of our thirst for adventure. Good it’s Healthy is a lifestyle that ties everyone together into a community of motivated and passionate individuals. One day at a time we can be better. Be stronger. Be smarter. And when you’re feeling down on yourself or tired, remember why you do the things you love. Because, Good it’s Healthy. Check out our gear here and join the movement!